Unplugged Wedding

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To start this blog off, I want to say that it is the couple’s decision to ask people to unplug. If it doesn’t bother you then it it won’t bother me. I just want you have a choice. That being said, it is my job as the professional to create great images regardless of obstacles. —

My friend shared a great article that I think we could all take into consideration. Why You Might Want to Consider an Unplugged Wedding on the Huffington Post by Corey Ann of Corey Ann Photography really highlight some of the issues brides and photographers can face at a wedding with guest photographers. I  think I do a pretty good job of making sure that there are no “obstacles” in my photos but I wanted to post a few demonstrations of why you should consider having an “unplugged wedding”

Video guy in brides face

This was an outtake from a wedding a few years ago. It was a battle of cell phones, iPads, and video cameras for first dance photo. I just stepped back for a moment to take a wide shot.

Cell phone in front of brideCell phone in background

“Just a quick photo on my phone” can ruin a perfect moment. I did ultimately crop in on the little girl and I made the cell phone photo work for me. I moved over a bit to get bride and dad without him in the photo.

There is another reason to unplug, best said by Daniel of Nedelcu Photography,

“Guests, I honestly don’t care what you do. However, keep in mind that I also did not invite you to the wedding. It was the bride and groom who asked you to share their most intimate moment with them. By bringing a camera and using it, you are not only excluding yourself from THE moment in the hopes that you’ll take one good picture, but you create an emotional void where you (as a friend or relative) should have been as part of the wedding. You are absent from the very mission that was trusted on you: to be part of the collective celebration of the love of two people. If that’s OK with you, it certainly is OK with me – but maybe it’s not that OK with the bride and groom. Think about it.

My priority is capturing your day for you. Your guests priority should be to enjoy the day. I don’t think people realize what they are doing, they want to capture the moment too.

In the end it is the couples decision to ask people to unplug and if you don’t care then it won’t bother me. I just wanted to put it out there. The images I produce will reflect all that you put into your wedding, the moment and the emotions either way.

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