Taide and Shawn Get Married

Straughan photography wedding

Location: Inn on the Riverwalk- San Antonio, TX

Taide and Shawn Get Married

Taide and Shawn got married on August 13, 2011 at the beautiful Inn on the Riverwalkin San Antonio, TX. The morning wedding was held on the river bank as family and friends watched over them. The bride had a single bridemaid and she wore a cute little black and white number that had a hint of yellow. The bride carried all white miniature roses that had a sparkle in them.

After the wedding the family and friends took a bunch of photos and then the bride and groom snuck off to take some of just them. We went up and down the river until it was time for the m to head off to their receptions and I bid them farewell! It was a great time and I wish them many years of happiness.

Congratulations Taide and Shawn!