Lori and Sangha get married!

lori songha Straughan photography

Location: Inn at Craig Place

Lori and Sangha get married!

Lori and Sangha met in South Korea while Lori was teaching English. They fell in love and decided to tie the knot at the beautiful Inn at Craig Place in San Antonio. The party was small and the love was huge.

I got to take a ton of photos of Lori before the wedding, and she just glowed with emotion. There were tears, laughter, and hugs during the ceremony. The best part was when the bride and groom gave their new mother-in-law a flower, so moving and special. After the wedding, the guests were treated to a nice setup of hors d’oeuvres, followed by toasts and cake. The couple took time to take more photos and we got some fantastic shots.

I want to welcome Sangha to America and wish him and Lori all the love their years can hold.