Lindsey and Joey get married

Straughan photography wedding photo

Location: Castle Avalon, New Braunfels TX

Lindsey and Joey get married

Lindsey and Joey tied the knot at Castle Avalon on August 13th in the afternoon. The highlight of the wedding was during the sand ceremony: to the guests surprise the bride had recorded the song that was played. It was a nice moment when the bride and groom took a moment to themselves to pray and speak to one another right before the big kiss.

Immediately following the ceremony, everyone convened in the grand ballroom. Susan Chauret was the coordinator for the event and everything ran smooth and on time. The ballroom was decorated in deep teal and crystal. The tables had the teal cloths and large crystal candelabras with a simple white rose and greenery arrangement on top. It created a very elegant atmosphere. The wedding cake was white with intricate scroll work. On top there was a crystal seahorse couple in line with how Joey asked Lindsey to marry him! It was a perfectly played detail that made their cake even a little more special.

At the end of the evening the couple headed out the door to a cascade of bubbles and a long line of friends. To Lindsey’s surprise there was a beautiful Cinderella carriage waiting for her! She was overwhelmed with happiness as she climbed in. Joey did a great job!

Congratulations to both Lindsey and Joey their wedding!

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