Kristen Jernigan’s Bridal

KJernigan Bridal Portrait Broad slab Distillery forrest

Kristen’s bridal session at the charming Broadslab Distillery and wedding venue in North Carolina was a captivating blend of country elegance and natural beauty. As a San Antonio wedding photographer, I found inspiration in the rustic charm of this unique setting outside of my normal environment. The play of sunlight filtering through the pine trees created a magical atmosphere, casting a warm and ethereal glow on Kristen’s bridal portraits.

The country-themed aesthetic was perfectly complemented by the authenticity of Broadslab. We embraced the picturesque surroundings, capturing moments of pure radiance and tranquility. The session culminated in a breathtaking sunset, adding a touch of romance to this country-inspired celebration. Kristen’s bridal portraits at Broadslab showcase the timeless allure of blending natural landscapes with the grace of bridal photography, creating an unforgettable chapter in the story of San Antonio weddings.