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I had the privilege of getting to shoot at Mission San Jose in San Antonio for Kristen’s bridal session this fall! Growing up in San Antonio, I visited the missions often with family and friends from out of town and I can now appreciate them as an adult and artist. If you are a local and haven’t been in recent years – make a date night and walk through this gorgeous mission, right down the street is the best Fruiteria on the south side!

Kristen is about the happiest bride I have ever met! Her smile was contagious!  I loved getting to hang out with her and her fabulous makeup artist who stayed and made sure we were on point all afternoon!

I started out the portraits of Kristen by the big main gate. The sunlight coming from behind over there is always so pretty! She looked so beautiful with her gown flowing out from behind her. Next, we were able to take some portraits in front of the side of the mission. Thankfully there were not a ton of people out on what turned out to be a perfect afternoon and we get the mission without tourists in it!  Then we headed into the arched walkway which is such a beautiful spot architecturally. Makes for perfect mission photos! The sun was hitting the trees so romantically so we did some natural back-lit shots which turned out to be some of my favorites. Finally, we got to photograph in front of the mission, and then we finished up hitting a few more spots around before it got too hot.

I am so grateful to have got to spend the day with Kristen, she is truly a joyful spirit. I cannot wait to show you the beautiful wedding day images, they should be in the next post!


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