Katie’s Bridal sitting

kd bridal Straughan photography

Location: Boulder Springs, New Braunfels

Katie looks beautiful as she prepares for her big day. She chose Boulder Springs for her bridal backdrop and brought along her MoH. It was a perfect day for photos, and the pictures were fun.

I am looking forward to photographing her wedding at Boulder Springs on September 15, 2012.


Katite gazboKatie Bridal wallkatieflowersKatie close up

Simple but beautiful flowers.

Katie trees

Katite gazboKatie close upKatie bridgeKatie close up

Katie has a beautiful smile!

Katie close up bwKatie close up bwKatie close up bwKatie bridge

The black and white photos are very dramatic.

Katie close upKatie Bridal wall


PLEASE NOTE: We do not post images from bridal sittings containing the wedding dress prior to the wedding day.  For bridal images, please visit our bridal gallery.