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Location: Castle Avalon, New Braunfels TX

Jennifer’s Snow White inspired bridal sitting was held at Castle Avalon in New Braunfels TX. We had  poison apples, magic mirrors and an enchanted castle to help pull this amazing bridal off.

Jennifer sitting with Apple

Jennifer and the CatleJennifer sitting with Apple castle

We had a lot of fun with the apples!

Jennifer poison apple

Jennifer with appleJennifer Laughing

Jennifer with the seven

Jennifer and animals

The mirror was decoration in the castle, we decided to use it on a whim!

Jennifer with Apple castleJennifer and the magic mirror

Fun back lighting makes for more fun and drama…

Jennifer at the tree

Jennifer stained glassJennifer Ballroom

Jennifer at the tree

Jennifer magic mirrorJennifer dramatic shadow

PLEASE NOTE: We do not post images from bridal sittings containing the wedding dress prior to the wedding day. For bridal images, please visit our bridal gallery.

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