In All, Wedding

Location: Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Eric and Elise’s wedding was at Holy Trinity catholic church in San Antonio. It was a great service that was very sweet. The reception was held at the Koehler House on the San Antonio College campus. It was a beautifl day and I was happy to be a part of it!

Blowing wishes

Making a happy wish!

Elise and girlsElise alone

With the bridesmaids before the wedding.

Elise first look

First look….

Elise and eric wed

Elise and eric wed2Elise and eric wed3

Elise blessing

Dad’s blessing!

Eric and Elise bwEric and Elise first dance

Practicing the first dance.

Green room eric and elise

Name Cards eric and elisePie table

The pie table.

Gold rings

Gold wedding bands.

Eric and Elise sillouteeEric and Elise silhouette bw

Eric and Elise sunset

Eric and Elise sunsetEric and Elise clouds

Sunset fun!

Eric and Elise sunset

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