Denise and Brett’s Wedding

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Location: Canyon Springs Golf Course

Denise and Brett celebrated their marriage at Canyon Springs Golf Club on March 25th, 2012. Denise chose a deep purple and dove gray for the wedding and reception. She had a lovely unique wedding dress that showed off her beauty.

Canyon Springs Wedding Denise

Canyon Springs Wedding Brett

The wedding was outdoors under the waterfall and the weather was perfect; the sunset highlighted the couple through their vows. After the ceremony was over, the wedding party jumped on golf carts and headed up to the club house to start the party.

Canyon Springs Wedding UnityCanyon Springs Wedding Bubbles

The reception that followed was fun, family and friends got to party late into the evening enjoying their time together. It was a warm night and you could see all the stars. The love that surrounded this couple made it perfect, I am happy to wish Denise and Brett a very happy marriage!

Canyon Springs Wedding Bridal Party

Canyon Springs Wedding Couple