Alison and Joe’s Wedding

Straughan Photography family photo

Location: Los Encinos San Antonio

Alison and Joe's Wedding

Alison and Joe celebrated their marriage at Los Encinos on May 8th, 2010 but only after Alison walked the stage at her college graduation. What an exciting day it was, Alison chose shades purple for the wedding and reception. She had purple accents in her wedding dress, making it extra special. The ceremony was outdoors and the weather was perfect, the sun peeked thought the clouds highlighting the couple in the middle of their vows. It was beautiful. After the kiss to seal their love the couple released butterflies and read a moving poem.

The reception that followed was amazing. The guests loved the food and and the cake just finished off the meal perfectly. The couple with family and friends danced into the night.

We are happy to wish Alison and Joe a very happy marriage and congratulations to Alison on graduating for collage on her wedding day.