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Straughan Photography

Straughan Photography is an award winning event and location photography company led by professional photographer Chrystina Straughan. Based in San Antonio, Texas, we offer outstanding wedding, event, and portrait photography all over Texas, and select destinations.

Chrystina Straughan

Chrystina Headshot

Chrystina is the lead photographer and owner of Straughan Photography. Weddings are one of your most precious days and Chrystina enjoys every moment of documenting them.

As the member of a military family, Chrystina has had the opportunity to travel extensively, including several years in Germany, where she was able to appreciate the art and architecture of Old Europe. Her family eventually settled in the Texas Hill Country.

Chrystina received her B.S. from Sam Houston State University, where she studied Journalism (Photography) and Agriculture.  She is a Certified Professional Photographer and obtained her Photographic Craftsman degree through Professional Photographers of America (PPA). It is one of the highest recognitions for speaking, writing and mentoring in photography. 

Jason Straughan

Jason Headshot

Jason is a software engineer by trade, and full fledged geek by choice.  As the art of photography has crossed into the science of the digital age, Jason allows us to stay on the cutting edge of digital photography. 

Jason is often found managing our vast library of archived images, working with our online properties, testing new equipment, training and keeping our systems running smoothly.

Priscilla Cortes-Lopez

Priscilla has a burning desire to showcase the people around her, show the world what she sees. Family is everything to her, her mother is her driving driving force as is her partner Perry. She has been an outstanding member of the Straughan Photography team since January of 2015 and we look forward to having her for many years. 

Priscilla works on all our social media, marketing, album design, photo editing and public relations.

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